Which Project Management Qualification is Right for me?

Basically, there are three categories of project management qualifications:

  • Academic qualifications in project management
  • Vocational qualifications in project management
  • Professional certifications in project management

There are plenty of short courses, online courses and open source e-learning on project management but might not have sufficient depth to understand about project management. However, they could be a good source to have an overview on project management before pursuing further on formal project management qualification.

We will discuss about the academic qualifications in project management covering doctorate degree, master degree and bachelor degree. There are a number of vocational qualifications including Certificate lV, Diploma of Project Management, Advanced Diploma of Program Management etc.

For professional certifications in project management, we shall look at the more influential certifications in the industry like PMP, PRINCE2 and IPMA certifications etc.

​There is no simple solution in choosing the suitable project management qualification as it is depending on your objectives and circumstances. In some cases, a formal academic project management qualification might be sufficient to be a project manager. However, in most cases, companies might require their project managers to hold a industrial project management certifications.