Program Management Services

  • Managing of whole Program Life Cycle ​
  • Program Management Methodology Implementation
  • Program Management Mentoring​
  • Program Assessment and Evaluation
  • Program Management Templates
  • Program Management Reports
  • Program Management Training
  • ​Assessment of Program Managers' Competencies
  • Program Management Certifications assistance​

Definition of Program

PMI - "A group of related projects, subprograms, and program activities that are managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually. "

AXELOS - "A temporary flexible organization structure created to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a set of related projects and activities in order to deliver outcomes and benefits related to the organization’s strategic objectives. A programme is likely to have a life that spans several years."

Definition of Program Management

PMI - "The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a program to meet the program requirements and to obtain benefits and control not available by managing projects individually."

AXELOS - "Manage Successful Programmes (MSP) defines programme management as the action of carrying out the coordinated organization, direction and implementation of a dossier of projects and transformation activities (i.e. the programme) to achieve outcomes and realize benefits of strategic importance to the business."