Coffee Knowledge

Origin of Coffee

Around the sixth century AD, an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi secretly observed goats while shepherding the flock, found that the goats became extremely excited after they had eaten the red fruit of a wild shrub on the hillside. Curiously, Kaldi picked the fruit himself, and after tasting it, he found that he was full of energy and was in a very happy mood. So he took the fruit and ran to a nearby monastery to tell the monks about the magical effect. However, the monk thought it was the devil's act, so he threw the red fruits into the fire, and the fruits immediately gave off a special aroma that was mouth-watering. While the leading monks were sleeping, one of the young monks collected the cooled beans, ground them into powder and poured them into a container filled with hot water, and the world's first cup of coffee was born.

The Common Types of Coffee

According to the report by Square in 2019, the percentage of coffee favourites in all states in Australia as follow:

Latte : 27%

Flat White:: 25%

Cappuccino: 20%

Long Black: 8%

Espresso: 6%

Mocha 6%

Piccolo: 6%

Types of CoffeeContent

30ml Espresso

60ml Espresso

22ml Concentrated Espresso

90 ml Less Concentrated Espresso
Longer time to pull with crema on top
Long Black

120ml Espresso
Espresso pour on top of water
with crema on top

120ml Espresso
Water pout on top of Espresso
without crema on top
Caffe Latte

60ml Espresso
300ml steamed milk
2ml foamed milk
Flat White

60ml Espresso
120ml steamed milk

60ml Espresso
60ml steamed milk
60ml foamed milk
Chocolate powder on top

60ml Espresso
50ml Chocolate
30ml steamed milk


60ml Espresso
Dot of foamed milk on top

30ml Espresso
60ml steamed milk
Dot of foamed milk on top