Portfolio Management

In this section, we will look at the definitions of portfolio management, the related standards and certifications.

Project Management Institute
Project Management Institute | PMI
The Standard For Portfolio Management
Fourth Edition
Portfolio – Projects, programs, subsidiary portfolios, and operations managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives.

Portfolio Management – The centralized management of one or more portfolios to achieve strategic objectives.
Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)®

Portfolio Management (PfMP) Certification| PMI
Global Best Practice Solutions | AXELOS
Management of Portfolios (MoP®)
2011 Edition
Portfolio – The totality of an organization’s investment (or segment thereof) in the changes required to achieve its strategic

Portfolio Management – Portfolio management is a coordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enable the most
effective balance of organizational change and business as usual.
MoP® Portfolio Management Foundation

MoP® Portfolio Management Practitioner